How do I pay for classes?
You can pay for classes by either Cash or check. Payment will be taken during the first class of the month. Any late payment will incur a $5 fee for each additional week after the payment date. Checks can be made out to Sona Dance Company. All returned checks will have a $30 fee.
When is registration?
Registration begins Aug 18 for the Fall Semester of 2019. Late registration acceptable only until Oct.1. Please call 310.995.5742 or email sonadanceco@gmail.com to register your self or your child(ren).
When are classes? Any days off? Holidays?
Sona's Dance Schedule runs from September thru the first week of May. If school has been called off for the day due to inclement weather, we will not be having dance lessons. Please check in to our FB Page under Sona Dance Company for class cancellations. 
Any performances?
Sona Dance will have their Annual Spring Performance on May 1, 2020.
Can parents watch?
Sona Dance Co asks that parents who wish to stay, wait in the downstairs dressing room during class. They may come in to class during the last five minutes of the class to check out the progress of their student. This is to ensure that the child is getting the most out of their dance education, free from distraction.

How about Dance Attire? Shoes? Hair?
Ballet/Modern students are expected to wear black ballet leotards and tights (nude or black). Ballet/Modern students can wear pedinis, or ballet slippers, or shoes that allow for easy movement across the floor, as well as easy turns. For Hip-hop students, they are expected to wear black shirts, tank tops,  and pants, (leggings acceptable), and sneakers are appropriate. Hair should be pulled up in either a ponytail for Hip-hop, and in bun or braids for Ballet/Modern.



What are these classes? What is Lyrical Contemporary?


Here is a breakdown for you of all that Sona will have to offer!


First Dance:  A class for students ages 4-7 that will feature basic steps to start their dancing careers! Emphasis will be placed on developing good posture as well as hand/eye coordination and memorization skill.


Ballet/Modern II + III:  Class II will be open for those ages 7-12. Class III will be open for those ages 13-18. Lyrical Contemporary is a combo class of Ballet/Modern/Contact Improvisation. Students will learn ballet technique and choreography that will allow for more expressive and modern movement. 

Hip-Hop II + III:  Same as Lyrical Contemporary, the age groups will be as listed above. Hip-Hop features learning how to ground oneself and get funky and carry oneself with attitude. These classes will feature popping and locking, some Acrobatics/Martial Arts Choreo, and will feature fun, hip-hop music. 

Cardio Ballet Barre:  This is open to Ages 16 and Up. Guaranteed to tone and lengthen muscles. Develop the poise and posture of true ballerinas! This class features Barre work, Core Balancing, as well as Ballet Movements across the floor. Great and fun workout and you will see results! Get ready to sweat!

Adult Hip-hop (Jackson Jams):  Open to Ages 18 and Up! This is the Adult Retro Hip-Hop Class! Come shake it up to the likes of The Jackson Family! Janet, Michael, Tito, Jermaine, the Jackson 5.  Get sexy! Have fun! Learn original choreography featured in Janet and Michael's videos!